Testimonials: Hundreds Cured!

“Kevin Danko was such a delight to work with. He has a great eye for detail and was very considerate of my needs and wants. He understood what I was saying, and was able to bring it to life via the web. His personable, and approachable style made the project go by quite quickly. And oh yeah, he did manage to get me a beautiful website done, in under 24 hours!”

Nadege Fleurimond of NadegeFleurimond.com


Has your Wordpress Project Become a Walker?! I can bring your Wordpress Website to Life, With over 5 years experiencing in the platform from Custom Wordpress Themes, Plugin Development, Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, Write Panels, Building Wordpress as a Content Management System and injecting frightening doses of speed boosts into your Zombie like website.

Websites and Blogs

Are you running a small business? Need help surviving in the zombie apocolypse? Contact me today and I can offer highly customized point of sale systems for your business, turn your website into a tool for your business, manage your products, inventory levels, and garner business. With all the Walkers out there, why step foot outside, life is online today. Get The Cure!

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